Rap Legal Talk: From Legal Jobs to Environmental Law

Rap Legal Talk: From Legal Jobs to Environmental Law

Come gather ’round, I got some legal facts to lay down;Law of conservation of energy facts to start the show, can’t defy this law, you best know!

Looking for legal jobs in Delaware? Don’t be wary, opportunities aplenty, don’t be contrary!

When it comes to taxes, no need to debate, just learn how to reduce effective tax rate, you’ll appreciate the legal strategies, no need for mystery!

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At the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal Court, justice is the resort, don’t be caught short, they’ll be your support!

Need proof of business documents? Don’t feel the torment, just follow the legal requirements, and you’re set for the tournament!

Is 20/100 vision legally blind? Understanding the legal definition will clear the haze, and you won’t be in a daze!

Know the precautionary principle in environmental law to do your part, protecting the environment is a work of art!

For property rental, no need to conform, just use the boarder agreement form, and you’ll be in good form!

Take the time to understand subject-verb agreement in sentences, it’s a proper stance, you’ll be the master of the language dance!